About Us

Aarav Jewels is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best diamond for your money. By choosing Aarav Jewels for all your loose diamond and fine jewellery needs, you are guaranteed not only a quality product but also a quality buying experience.
So why pay more when you don't have to. We are bridging the gap between wholesale and retail by offering our goods to you with wholesale prices. All diamonds are natural and untreated unlike many jewellery sellers online.
Diamonds are picked to make sure you or your loved one will treasure your jewellery piece.
Our prices will generally save you over 30% compared to online jewellers and over 50% compared to your local jewellers. However, we don't sacrifice on quality and use top quality side diamonds for our engagement rings.
Our selection includes a wide variety of Certified loose Diamonds, Diamond Engagement rings, Assorted Diamond Jewellery, Exclusive Wedding Bands, jewellery, Personalized Jewellery and Accessories.


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